schedules of attorneys that will be
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with attorneys who can help
you be in two places at once


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you are

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How do I contact Dubblebooked?

You can find our contact details at http://dubblebooked.com/contact.php

e-mail:  info@dubblebooked.com
billing:  http://dubblebooked.com/billing.php
site feedback:  http://dubblebooked.com/feedback.php
telephone:  (206) 486-0547


Who runs Dubblebooked?

It's a family business started by Seattle area lawyer Geoffrey Burg and his brother-in-law Greg Kriegler.

Geoffrey Burg is a criminal defense attorney practicing out of Seattle. He thought it would be a good idea try and find solution to the problem of often being double booked.

Greg Kriegler spends his days as a business intelligence manager for a technology consulting firm and is a self-proclaimed master-of-nothing.

You're welcome to contact either of us directly.

greg@dubblebooked.com - burg@dubblebooked.com


What is Dubblebooked?

Dubblebooked helps attorneys find coverage for their double bookings.  We consolidate public information on the schedules of Washington's top criminal attorneys and present it on dubblebooked.com.


Prior to Dubblebooked, if you (or you legal assistant) wanted to find out which attorney was where, the only way to do that was to type a bunch of bar numbers into the Washington Courts website or send an email to a list serve with requests for coverage.  Dubblebooked takes available information from Washington Courts and categorizes it by court, courtroom, date, time and attorney.  


What is Dubbledash?

Dubbledash is the Dubblebooked dashboard that organizes attorney schedules by court, courtroom date, time, and attorney.

Dubbledash allows lawyers to see which courts their colleagues are.  It allows you to view the courthouse, courtroom and time of your fellow attorneys in an effort to help you find coverage when you are double booked.


How does Dubblebooked work?

We gather the information from Washington Courts and organize it for you.  We take a select group of lawyers and provide their Washington Courts calendar so you can see who is in what courtroom at what time.  If you are interested in seeking their help for coverage, you can then contact one of those lawyers for their help.

Where does this information regarding all the court dates come from?  

All the data is taken directly from http://www.courts.wa.gov/.


Is my credit card information secure?

Dubblebooked is serious about security.  We use Stripe for credit card processing and payment management.  Your payment info will never be stored outside of their systems. 

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.


How often is the data uploaded from Washington Courts to Dubblebooked?  

The data is refreshed at least one time per week.


Can I opt in?  

Yes, email us at info@dubblebooked.com with the words, "opt in" in the title and we will add you to the list of lawyers that we collect information for.


Can I opt out? 

Yes, you can.  Please email info@dubblebooked.com with the words, "opt out" in the title if you do not want your court appearances to be listed.

If someone contacts me, do I have to provide coverage?  

Absolutely not, you are welcome to decline covering for another attorney.


Are Seattle Municipal Court dates included on Dubblebooked.com? 

No.  Seattle Municipal Court already provides this service, it can be found at http://web1.seattle.gov/courts/cpi/.


Does Dubblebooked.com provide legal services?  

No, we are not a provider of legal services.

Does Dubblebooked.com guarantee your ability to find coverage?

No, we cannot guarantee that someone who is in court will provide coverage for you.


Does Dubblebooked.com guarantee the quality of the coverage? 

No, we cannot guarantee the work of the attorney that you find to do coverage for you.


What is Microsoft BizSpark?

Dubblebooked has been accepted to Microsoft's BizSpark incubator program. Microsoft has generously provided software and support to help get this website off the ground. 
Untitled 1 You thought you couldn't be two places at once.  We disagree. 
Dubblebooked helps you  explore schedules, connect with attorneys, and cover your double bookings.
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